Logitech puts NVIDIA Broadcast features directly into its headsets and Blue mics

You get the noise reduction wizardry with no apps needed, if you have an NVIDIA RTX GPU.


If you stream or do videoconferencing and own certain GeForce RTX GPUs, NVIDIA's Broadcast app can be a magical helper. It uses a streamlined, AI-powered toolset to remove background noise, add virtual effects, auto-frame shots and more. Now, Logitech has announced that it's incorporating some of those features directly into certain headsets and Blue microphones via a new beta, with no need to run any NVIDIA apps.

Thanks to a partnership between Logitech and NVIDIA, some of the Broadcast tools will be available through the G Hub drivers for the following products: Logitech G733 Gaming Headset, Logitech PRO X Gaming Headset, Logitech PRO X Wireless Gaming Headset, Blue Yeti X Microphone, Blue Yeti Classic Microphone and Blue Yeti Nano Microphone.

The drivers will make it possible for users to eliminate unwanted background noises and/or echo in a single click and clean up their mic signal. "You can even test your mic signal to find the perfect settings for your set up," Logitech wrote. NVIDIA previously showed that it was possible to completely remove the sound of a hair dryer running in the background from your mic, so it's not just some minor noise reduction. It can also remove noise on the listener's end, like someone's clattering keyboard.

The feature is now available to everyone via an open beta with the latest version of Logitech G Hub. You can also, of course, run NVIDIA Broadcast as a separate app that works with all of Logitech's audio products (or any other audio products, for that matter). The feature is supported on GeForce RTX 2060 and up GPUs, along with Quadro RTX 3000 and Titan RTX or higher.

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