NVIDIA's Broadcast app gains echo and video noise removal in new update

Broadcast 1.2 also makes it easier to remove pet sounds in the background.


NVIDIA has made it easier to remove room echo, sounds of pets and video noise with the latest version of its Broadcast app. The manufacturer launched the app last year to provide people an AI-driven toolset they can use to make livestreams from their homes look and sound more professional. Upon launch, it gave people using PCs equipped with RTX GPUs the ability to remove background noise and to blur or replace the background of their webcam feed with game footage or an image. It also has the ability to track users' head movements as they move around. Now, NVIDIA is rolling out two new features with Broadcast 1.2, alongside improvements to its original toolset.

One of the new features is called Room Echo Removal, because it can remove the echo in the streamer's voice. People don't always have access to rooms with excellent acoustics in their homes, and audiences may not appreciate having to listen to echoey voices for hours. Meanwhile, Video Noise Removal can help lessen video static caused by lower quality cameras, which can be especially noticeable in low-light environments. It's still a beta feature at the moment, though, and its final version may be vastly different from what it is today.

NVIDIA has also updated Broadcast's noise removal tool to add profiles that better separate the sounds of cats, dogs and even insects in the background. It could be a godsend for streamers with noisy pets or those who live in places with plenty of cicadas. In addition, the new version of Auto Frame lets subjects move within a frame without moving the camera, as well. With the updated tool in place, the camera will only move when the subject leaves the middle-third of the screen. Finally, Broadcast now gives users a way to combine multiple AI effects on a single device, so users can, say, use background blur with auto frame at any one time.

The company has been working with content creator partners to integrate Broadcast's tools into streaming apps for RTX GPUs, as well. OBS Studio 27 added the noise removal last month, while Notch integrated its body tracking and virtual background features. Now, AVerMedia has also added Broadcast's audio noise removal and virtual background effects to its apps.

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