Acer unveils a 360Hz NVIDIA-powered gaming monitor

The Predator X25 is one of the first to include NVIDIA’s Reflex Latency Analyzer.


At CES 2020, NVIDIA showed off the “world’s fastest” esports display, the ASUS ROG Swift 360, a monitor with a 360HZ refresh rate. That display should go on sale this September, and NVIDIA is already announcing another super-fast gaming monitor. Acer’s upcoming Predator X25 will boast the same NVIDIA-powered 360Hz refresh rate.

Like the Swift 360, the Predator X25 is designed for professional gaming and training. It will give players ultra-low latency and smooth animation. With a 360Hz refresh rate, game frames are displayed every 2.8 milliseconds. For comparison, predecessors to the Swift 360 and Predator X25 tend to cap out between 120Hz and 240Hz.

The 24.5-inch monitor comes with NVIDIA’s G-Sync processor, designed to eliminate screen tearing. The Predator X25 is also one of the first monitors to come with the company’s Reflex Latency Analyzer. The system latency measurement tool provides gamers with info on their mouse, PC and display performance. NVIDIA says it’s not ready to reveal pricing and availability just yet.