Oculus rolls out support for multi-user accounts and app sharing

Oculus Quest 2 owners are getting the experimental features first.


As it promised to do sometime this month, Oculus has started to roll out multi-user and app-sharing support. Facebook says they're experimental features and Oculus Quest 2 owners will be the first to gain access. The company plans to expand the features to all Quest users at some point.

Primary account owners can add up to three secondary profiles on each headset. Each person will need their own Facebook account (through which they can chat with their buddies over Messenger) and they'll get their own friend lists, game progress, achievements, browser history, privacy settings and more. You'll be able to protect your profile with an unlock pattern to prevent your loved ones from snooping or ruining your Beat Saber high score.

The app sharing feature allows all users of a headset to access the games and apps that the primary account holder has purchased. Even if you're logged into multiple Oculus headsets, you'll only be able to activate app sharing on one headset at a time as a primary account holder. Sharing will work with all new apps, though Facebook expects that most Oculus developers will enable the feature. Meanwhile, the only way to change the primary or admin account is to perform a factory reset on the device.