'Beat Saber' now has an official song designed to keep you fit

If you can't step outside to exercise, VR can help.

Beat Games

Beat Saber is widely considered a good option for exercise in VR between the frantic arm waving, crouches and dodges, and Beat Games wants to capitalize on that. The studio’s former CEO and now game musician Jaroslav Beck recently released “FitBeat,” a free official song that’s designed to give you a workout. It’ll sound familiar if you’re used to the brand of EDM that you frequently hear in the game, but the activities are clearly meant to tax your body in addition to your usual gaming reflexes.

The track is available through Oculus (of course), PlayStation VR and Steam, and it works in One Saber and 360-degree modes in addition to the usual two-saber gameplay. This won’t replace a full-on exercise routine, clearly, but it might not have to. After all, you probably can’t go to the gym (or fully replicate it) during the pandemic. This gives you an incentive to stay fit while you stay home, even if you normally dread the idea of a gym trip.