Timbaland created a music pack for 'Beat Saber'

The addition comes as the VR game has sold over 2 million copies.

Beat Saber has its share of popular music, but her'e something new: a big-name artist making music with the VR rhythm game in mind. Rap star and producer Timbaland has created a five-song music pack for Beat Saber with collaborations tat include Common Strangers, Karra, Kaydence, Bruno Martini, Nash Overstreet, Sid Tipton and Wavezswavesz. The pack will be available for $8 ($2 per song) on March 26th, and they'll be available through Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify if you'd rather not play just to listen to them.

The news is well-timed for Beat Games and Facebook. Beat Saber just recently passed 2 million copies sold, and that's no mean feat for a title limited to VR headsets. Facebook also touted that people had bought over 10 million songs, although it didn't say who topped the charts. Either way, it's increasingly clear why Facebook bought Beat Games -- Beat Saber is proof that VR can be a hit in the right circumstances.