Oculus Quest 2 doesn't support Oculus Go games and apps

John Carmack said he lost an internal debate over backwards compatibility.

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Mariella Moon
October 17th, 2020
Oculus Quest 2
Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

We praised the Oculus Quest 2 in our review for its $299 price point, as well as its powerful hardware and much better virtual reality experience compared to its predecessor. But one thing the new VR device can’t do that the Quest’s first version could is access the Oculus Go’s library of apps and games. When someone asked Oculus CTO John Carmack on Twitter why they couldn’t find the drop-down menu that lets you access the Go library, the executive replied that the company removed support for the Go library on the Quest 2. It sounds like Carmack went to bat for backwards compatibility, because he added that he “totally lost the internal debate” over it.

Facebook brought Go apps to the first Quest in late 2019, giving you a way to play and enjoy them even if you don’t have the the company’s standalone VR device. This June, Facebook discontinued the Go completely, since users prefer the Quest’s “six degrees of freedom movement” over the Go’s three degrees. It chose to focus on the Quest and the more expensive Rift going forward. While there are a bunch of games you can enjoy on the Quest 2, the only way you can now access any Go app or game you own is through the older devices.

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