Oculus Quest is getting Go apps and improved Passthrough

Facebook's standalone headset is getting even better.

If being able to use the Oculus Quest as a PC VR headset wasn't exciting enough, Facebook is also adding some other new features soon. First up, the Quest will get Oculus Passthrough+, which lets you see a stereoscopic view of the outside world whenever you hit the borders of your playspace. It's something that the Rift S already offers, and it'll be a huge improvement over the flat, 2D version of Passthrough currently on the Quest. You'll also be able to activate that feature anytime with Passthrough "on demand," a new feature coming late this year, that'll let you get a glimpse of your surroundings whenever you want.

Additionally, Facebook is bringing over Oculus Go titles to the Quest, starting with 50 Go apps next week. You'll also be able to upgrade to the Quest versions of any apps you've purchased on the Go until the end of the year. (Honestly, that's something Facebook should offer indefinitely.)

With all of these new features, and the promise of gadget-free finger tracking next year, it's clear that Oculus is focused on making the Quest its premiere VR headset. That's bad news for the Rift S, but good news for anyone who wants a do-it-all VR headset.

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