Watch the OnePlus 9 launch event with us live at 9:40AM ET

What's better than a smartphone launch? A smartphone launch with your pals!


OnePlus isn’t exactly known for keeping secrets — the company has spent the last few weeks teasing the launch of its new OnePlus 9 series smartphones, and a bevy of related leaks mean there’s little left to the imagination at this point. (Hello, OnePlus Watch!) I can think of one way to have some fun with the company’s latest streaming launch event, though: by watching it unfold with me and Engadget reviews editor Cherlynn Low.

The main event starts at 10AM Eastern/7AM Pacific, but as usual, we’ll be kicking off our live coverage at 9:40AM Eastern/6:40AM Pacific. And the game plan? Well, we’ll do our best to keep quiet during the meat of the show — unless it’s brimming with Gen-Z slang like the last event we streamed — but expect lots of context, deep discussions and shop talk before and after. And the best part: Cherlynn and I won’t be nearly as frazzled or hangry as we would be if we were covering this event in person, though that’s not to say we won’t be frazzled or hangry at all. That’s just our vibe, you know?