OnePlus unveils its first smartband

Xiaomi's Mi Band 5 has some competition.


As expected, OnePlus is jumping into the wearable market. The company announced the OnePlus Band today, a cheap and cheerful fitness tracker bound for India. The centerpiece is a 1.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a 126 x 294 resolution and, according to XDA Developers, P3-wide color gamut. The processor and RAM are a mystery, but the company has revealed the battery size — 100 mAh, which should last up to two weeks on a single charge. (An early review by GSM Arena pegs the battery life at seven days, however.) It also sports 1P68 dust and water resistance, meaning it should be fine if you’re caught in a fleeting rain shower.

The OnePlus Band can track your steps and, like the Apple Watch, will let you know if you’ve been sitting for too long. It can also monitor your workouts, with 13 “dedicated exercise modes” including yoga and running. The Band isn’t a medical device, but it can also monitor your heart rate, sleep and, thanks to a SpO2 sensor, your blood oxygen levels. Basic information will be visible on the Band, but for a better understanding of your health, you’ll want to gaze at the companion Health app for Android. It connects over Bluetooth 5.0 and can also be used for basic smartwatch functionality, such as notifications, music playback, alarms and timers.

Unfortunately, iPhone users are out of luck. “Spport for iOS and corresponding OnePlus Health app (for iOS) will only be available post launch,” the official OnePlus Band page reads. If that’s not a problem, the Band can be picked up for 2,499 Indian Rupees (roughly $34). The removable module only comes in one color — black — and every customer will get a black strap as standard. It will be possible, however, to buy additional strap colors separately. If you live in the West, bad news: for now, the company has no plans to launch the device outside of India.

Last month, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed that the company would announce a smartwatch in early 2021. The manufacturer, best known for its ‘flagship killer’ phones, had explored a watch before but ultimately cancelled the project in order to focus on its core business. It's not clear if the Band is what Lau was referring to, or a separate announcement. (We’re guessing it’s a different device, but have reached out for confirmaton.)

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