Ooni's 12-inch pizza ovens are 20 percent off for Labor Day

Pick up one of the company's smaller machines while they're deeply discounted.


Ooni pizza ovens have been popular outdoor gadgets as of late, and now you can pick up any of the company's 12-inch models for less. Ooni's early Labor Day sale knocks 20 percent off the Fyra, the Karu 12 and the Koda 12 through August 29th, so you can get the Fyra for $279 and the Karu or Koda 12s for $319. We've recommended these pizza ovens in outdoor guides in the past because they're relatively easy to use and produce delicious, bubbling pizzas that are as close to restaurant quality as you'll get in your home.

Buy Fyra at Ooni - $279 Buy Karu at Ooni - $319 Buy Koda at Ooni - $319 Shop Ooni sales

All of the models on sale are 12-inch machines, so they're designed to make personal-sized, 12-inch pizzas. The Fyra uses wood pellets to heat up to 950 degrees, while the Koda 12 uses propane to reach the same maximum temperature. We appreciate that the Fyra is pretty portable, too — it has foldable legs and a detachable chimney, and since it weighs roughly 22 pounds, it won't be too difficult to transport.

The Koda 12 gives you a bit more flexibility as it takes wood, charcoal or propane as its fuel source, and it's made of brushed 430 stainless steel. If you plan on using gas, you'll need the gas burner adapter that Ooni sells for this one. The Koda 12 also has a max temperature of 950 degrees and all three of these Oonis take only 15 minutes to heat up. Ooni rarely has sales like this, so now's a good time to pick up one of these pizza ovens while you can get it for less — and while you still have a bit of summer left plus the whole fall season to use it in your backyard.

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