Opera update uses QR codes to sync data between PC and Android browsers

It also introduce Flow to share notes between your mobile and desktop browsers.


The Opera browser is making it easier to sync between desktop and Android devices. The latest updates (version 71 on desktop and version 60 on Android) include a new feature called Sync that doesn’t require the use of an email and password. You just navigate to on your PC and scan the displayed QR code using the QR-reader in Opera for Android. Once that’s done, all your bookmarks, favorites, history and more from your desktop will show up on your phone.

Opera said it came up with the feature because people “hate the hassle of having to type in their logins and lengthy passwords,” according to product manager Stefan Stjernelund. At the same time, you can still sync with an email account and password as before.

On top of Sync, Opera introduced a new feature called Flow that lets you share links, YouTube videos, photos and personal notes between your mobile and desktop browsers. You can do that simply by highlighting website links, text or images and selecting “send to flow” from the context menu. You can also share a current website by clicking on the arrow to the right of the address bar or going into the context menu. The new feature also allows you to paste and upload files up to 10MB in size.

Finally, Opera has introduced a “Suggested Sites” feature that identifies your most frequently visited website and displays them in the speed dial section. Those features should make the browser, which uses Google’s Chromium engine, a bit more useful. The updates are rolling out now, so you should see them soon.