Opera's crypto browser is now available on iOS

It comes with a built-in crypto wallet and access to Web3 apps.


Opera launched its dedicated "Crypto Browser" into beta back in January, promising to make Web3 as accessible as any Web2 website. The company released the browser for Windows, Mac and Android users back then, but the version for iOS devices still wasn't ready for rollout. Now, Opera has announced that the Crypto Browser for iPhones and iPads is out and available for download from its website.

The browser comes with a built-in non-custodial crypto wallet that supports the Ethereum, Bitcoin and other blockchain ecosystems. It will allow users to buy crypto coins with fiat currency and to trade any supported token without needing to install extensions. In addition, the browser will give users access to Web3-based NFTs and decentralized apps, including 7,000 services based on the Polygon ecosystem.

One of the browser's other features is a Crypto Corner start page, where users can get live information and updates on cryptocurrency, such as the latest prices and events, airdrops and relevant podcasts. Opera says it designed the browser for both veteran crypto users, as well as newbies who still need help navigating cryptocurrencies and Web3.

Jorgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera, said in a statement:

"The interest in Web3 is continuing to grow. The Opera Crypto Browser Project was built to simplify the Web3 user experience that has often been bewildering for mainstream users. Opera believes Web3 has to be easy to use in order to reach its full potential and a mass adoption."

Opera didn't say whether the iOS browser supports the more energy-efficient Etherium Layer 2 standard. It did launch Layer 2 support for the Android version back in February, however, which the company claims makes it the first mobile browser to have the feature.