Oppo and Nendo's 'slide-phone' concept unfolds into three screen sizes

It unfurls into a clock and notification display, a selfie mode and a wide screen.

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The slide-phone concept by Oppo and Nendo.
Oppo / Nendo

Oppo and design studio Nendo have created a concept for a "slide-phone" that would allow users to unfold the device into three different screen sizes. According to Oppo, the trend towards larger smartphone screens is a growing concern for users, in part because it makes devices "difficult to hold and less convenient.” The slide-phone could prove to be a solid blend of functionality and convenience.

Oppo and Nendo "slide-phone" concept

Like the Motorola Razr 5G, it unfolds vertically. The design is segmented, so calling it an unfurling phone instead of a slide-phone might be more accurate.

Opening up the first segment allows you to see the clock and your notifications. Another segment, and you're in selfie mode. Unfold the device all the way, and it's suddenly a widescreen display that could be useful for gaming, watching movies or multitasking. The side buttons take on different purposes depending on the mode. The design even makes space for a built-in stylus.

The companies also created a concept for an interconnected collection of devices centered around a pair of true wireless earphones. Placing those and their portable charging case onto an AI speaker transfers audio to the latter. Other devices in the proposed "music-link" series include a smartwatch and a wireless charger. 

It remains to be seen whether these devices will actually hit the market. Akin to the LG Wing, it experiments with the standard smartphone form factor in a novel way. The slide-phone would also stand out from other devices with foldable displays, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

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