This paper rolls up into an adjustable flashlight

All it took was a 100 year-old Japanese papermaker and a startup that prints in conductive ink.

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This paper rolls up into an adjustable flashlight
The latest capsule collection from Design of Things (courtesy of design firm Nendo and Softbank) is just as fascinating as its 3D-printed, prune-able Bonsai trees announced last year. The Paper Torch is equal parts designs, patterns and heritage of Takeo paper (est. 1899), and electronics know-how from a startup that specializes in flat components and printed circuits (est. 2014). The results might be... illuminating. If only I could see it working in person...

I'm infatuated with the simple design. From what I can tell, as you roll up the paper, it changes the printed circuit: shortcuts are made and more power is delivered to the bulb. A smaller circle pools that light into a smaller spot, while a bigger cylinder ensures gentler dispersion. At least on paper -- and in the delightful concept animations. We've reached out to all the companies involved to see if we can roll one up for ourselves. If LG can make a TV display that works, I'm sure a flashlight is doable. There's no price just yet, however. The Paper Torch will launch in search of crowdfunding affection in Japan mid-November.

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