OtterBox gets into gaming with a new line of rugged Xbox accessories

All the better to play xCloud titles on your phone.

For the past two decades OtterBox has made its name as a provider of rugged phone cases — we’ve even recommended a few as great outdoorsy gifts. This year the company targets a less physically active but still sporty demographic with its new line of gaming accessories. It’s mostly for mobile players but there are a few items even console gamers can enjoy.

Controllers are expensive, but also the gaming item you’re likely to carry around the most, whether to a friend’s house or an esports competition. You probably have your own system for keeping them safe, but OtterBox will make it easier with its new Easy Grip Controller Shell.

The accessory wraps around the handles of your standard (non-Elite) Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S gamepad to prevent nicks and scrapes, while leaving the thumb sticks and buttons free so their sensitivity won’t be hampered in any way. The grip pads on each side can be swapped out for a different look and easy cleaning. The shell will cost $40 and comes in three color schemes: light gray, dark gray or purple with green piping that glows in the dark.

Past that, OtterBox’s new offerings are solidly aimed at phone gamers, starting with the $30 Mobile Gaming Clip. It doesn’t look all that dissimilar from other companies’ offerings, but the clip is more easily adjustable, even with larger phones — it doesn’t use any kind of spring mechanics, so you can swap your device in and out with one hand if needed. It can also be snapped off easily when you want to switch to using the controller with your console or computer instead. The clip folds flat for easy storage, even when still attached to your gamepad.

Otterbox gaming accessories

However, that clip won’t exactly slide into a pocket, so the company has got you covered there too with its Gaming Carry Case. This chunky black shell can hold one Xbox controller comfortably, even if the gamepad is outfitted with both the Easy Grip Controller Shell and the Mobile Gaming Clip. There are pockets for extra batteries and cables, as well as a passthrough for a charging cable and a screen stand to hold your phone up. The case isn’t cheap at $45, but it’s probably worth it if you’ve already dropped cash on the other accessories.

Even with all this, OtterBox hasn’t forgotten its core strength as a maker of phone cases. The $55 black Easy Grip Gaming Case provides an exterior that’s easy to hold and  bacteria-resistant, while the interior is designed to vent heat away from your device. It offers OtterBox’s better-than-military-standard Drop+ protection, and you can get one made for any current iPhone device, as well as selected Android devices soon.

Finally, if what you’re concerned with protecting is your privacy, the company is now offering a Gaming Glass Privacy Guard for $50. It’ll not only secure your screen from shattering, but it also blocks any viewing at a side angle so people can’t watch your gaming or shows over your shoulder on the train or bus.

None of this may be cheap, but neither is repairing a busted phone or controller. Pre-orders for OtterBox’s entire gaming line will start January 25th via OtterBox’s site, Microsoft, Verizon and GameStop, and everything ships in mid-February.

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