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Oura’s updated smart ring has continuous heart-rate tracking

It has become the wearable ring of choice for biohackers and other fitness types.
Image of the third-generation Oura ring on white background with an emphasis on the new LED sensors.
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper|@danielwcooper|October 26, 2021 9:00 AM

It’s been four years since Oura launched its second-generation smart ring, but the company hasn’t been out of the spotlight in all of that time. Oura rings found themselves on the fingers of a number of high-profile figures and a number of studies used it to determine if wearable technology could predict COVID-19 symptoms. Now, the Finnish company is announcing its third-generation ring with an even greater emphasis on cramming as much hardware into that tiny body as the laws of physics will allow.

The v3 Oura Ring doesn’t look much different compared to its predecessor, and isn’t — at least on the outside. Inside, however, the company has sweated several new components down to fit inside its chassis, including a new optical heart-rate sensor. That unit alone will let the wearable track your heart rate during the day — something it’s only been able to do at night so far. In addition, you’ll also get heart rate tracking during workouts, and even get blood oxygenation readings.

With new improved continuous temperature monitoring, Oura’s makers believe that the new model will be far better at predicting when periods will begin. The company added that you can expect more accurate sleep tracking, although the insights related to that won’t be available until at some point early next year. You’ll also get data about how relaxed and rested you are to better enable you to take some time out as, and when, you need it.

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You may have noticed that many wearables companies have pivoted toward getting that sweet, sweet recurring revenue in recent years. Oura is no exception, and for $5.99 a month you can get “daily health insights, personalized recommendations, exclusive audio, educational videos and more.” If you sign up for the membership, you’ll also get a discount on the price of the new ring, which will set you back $299 when it begins shipping at some point in November. 

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Oura’s updated smart ring has continuous heart-rate tracking