'Outer Wilds' is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer

The action-adventure game is about an astronaut stuck in a time loop.

Mobius Digital / Annapurna Interactive

Outer Wilds, one of our favorite games for 2019, is heading to Nintendo Switch. In the gaming giant's latest Direct event, it showed an announcement trailer for the action-adventure game set in space that was previously released for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It didn't have an exact release date for the title, but it said it will be available for the console this summer.

Developed by Mobius Digital and published by Annapurna Interactive, Outer Wilds puts the player in the shoes of an unnamed space explorer who wakes up on an Earth-like planet, which soon disintegrates after the solar system's sun goes supernova. The astronaut then wakes up 22 minutes later to go through the same thing again and again and again -- the player is stuck in a time loop, and they're the only one who can prevent the sun from exploding.

While Outer Wilds has an intriguing tale, it's not just a narrative game with a linear storyline. Players will also be able to freely explore its planets to find intel they can use to prevent the supernova from happening, or just to pass the time. It's a unique kind of adventure, and we previously said that it was the perfect game for Xbox Game Pass, since it might be a hard sell. Now that it's been out for quite a while on other platforms, Switch gamers may be more compelled to purchase it.

Here's the game's trailer from Nintendo Direct: