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Here's everything Nintendo announced during its 50-minute Direct

"Splatoon 3," a "Skyward Sword" remaster and more. Oh my.

An 11th-hour leak may have spoiled some of the fun, but Nintendo still had plenty of surprises to share during its latest Direct. Over a brisk 50 minutes, we got to see the newest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters, a new Mario Golf game and the latest project from Donut Country developer Ben Esposito.

Those were joined by Fall Guys, which is heading to Switch this summer, and Famicom Detective Club, a visual novel that will make its way to the US for the first time later this year. Nintendo, however, saved the best for last, announcing a Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword remaster and Splatoon 3. We've condensed all of the company's latest announcements in the short video you can watch above.