Outriders' first big patch addresses inventory wiping bugs and crashes

Launch players are also getting a goodie bag for putting up with the issues.

People Can Fly

By launching on Xbox Game Pass and every platform under the sun, intergalactic looter-shooter Outriders was targeting a massive player base straight out the gate. But, the game was bogged down by a bunch of bugs, server and cross-play issues that made it unplayable for some. To make up for the troubled launch, publisher Square Enix is offering early players a thank-you bundle as part of the game's first big patch. All players who logged in between March 31st and April 11th will be given the "community appreciation package," which includes a level-appropriate Legendary weapon, some Titanium, and (fittingly) the "frustration" emote.

More importantly, the update also addresses a bug that wiped players' inventories. Square Enix says the issue will be greatly reduced following the patch, which doesn't quite sound like a permanent fix. It's also promising a one-off mass restoration that should bring back most of what was lost. Anything that gets missed or occurs in the future will be dealt with on an "ad hoc basis."

The patch is expected to arrive next week, though its exact release date is up in the air. Square Enix says it's hoping to release it sooner rather than later. Developers are also working on backend improvements that don't rely on the patch including some balance changes that adjust loot drops and nerf the Trickster and Technomancer classes. In addition, fixes for multiplayer stability and connection issues are also inbound, but due to the "complexity" of the multiple systems involved, they'll likely be a work in progress. You can read the full patch notes here.