'Outside the Wire' teaser shows Anthony Mackie as a cyborg soldier

Not a lot of plot details, but plenty of action.
Nathan Ingraham
N. Ingraham|12.14.20

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Nathan Ingraham
December 14th, 2020
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A still from the Netflix series 'Outside the Wire'.

Netflix has been fairly quiet about Outside the Wire, a sci-fi thriller starring Anthony Mackie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Altered Carbon. But today we’re getting our first look at the action thanks to a just-released teaser trailer that shows Mackie playing an android super-soldier. The plot details are still fairly fuzzy, but the video’s description notes that a “disgraced drone pilot” played by co-star Damson Idris finds himself sent to a dangerous militarized zone where he partners with Mackie to locate a “doomsday device.” The cyborg and human then take on huge squads of threatening robots, action ensues.

The trailer is mostly focused on hyping up the impressive battle scenes rather than giving much info on how or why things are happening — but with a month until Outside the Wire arrives on Netflix, it’s safe to assume a few more trailers will arrive before then.

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