See Overwatch 2's first new hero Sojourn in action

She shows off some serious power slide moves in a gameplay trailer.

Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 PvP beta starts later this month and Blizzard has released a gameplay trailer for one of the sequel's main additions, Sojourn. She's the 33rd hero in the Overwatch lineup, but is the first character to be introduced in two years. Sojourn is a damage hero best suited for mid-range combat and you can take a look at her in action below.

Sojourn has a railgun with two modes of fire. The primary fire sends out rapid projectiles that build up energy on impact. With her secondary fire, you can fire that stored energy as a high-impact shot.

There's a movement ability called Power Slide. You'll be able to cancel that with a high jump (similar to Moira's Fade). She also has a Disruptor Shot, which is an area-of-effect ability that slows and damages enemies in its radius.

Sojourn's ultimate ability is called Overclock. This supercharges the secondary fire of the railgun by automatically restoring the energy. Shots fired while the ability is active will pierce enemies, so if you can line a couple up, you can take them both out at once. In other words, you'll need to have decent aim and positioning to get the most out of her.

Blizzard also released a trailer that delves into Sojourn's origin story. She was a member of the Canadian Special Forces whose unit linked up with the Overwatch task force during the Omnic Crisis. She forged a partnership with Jack Morrison (aka Soldier: 76) and, after the war, he recruited her to the group.

Sojourn is the first playable Black woman in the series. She will be available in the Overwatch 2 PvP beta, which starts on April 26th. The competitive side of the sequel will mark a shift from teams of six to five-player squads and add new maps, an updated game engine, a ping system and many changes to the current roster of heroes. The Overwatch League will also play games using the Overwatch 2 beta when it returns next month.