Panic will host its first games showcase on August 29th

You'll get to see new games, along with fresh looks at 'Nour: Play With Your Food' and 'Despelote.'

Terrifying Jellyfish/Panic

Along with making the Playdate and some Mac apps, Panic is also a well-regarded games publisher with Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game under its belt. However, it's been a few years since Panic released a game outside of titles made specifically for the Playdate. Panic is ramping up its publishing efforts and we'll soon get a peek at what's in the pipeline when the company hosts its first games showcase. You can watch it on Panic's YouTube channel at 1PM ET on August 29th.

The stream will run for around 20 minutes and it will include more details on previously announced games Nour: Play With Your Food and Despelote. In addition, Panic will show off some new games and reveal fresh partnerships. You'll get behind-the-scenes looks at some titles too. “We thought it’d be fun to put on a little show and let the world know about the wonderful games we’ve been working on publishing, from amazing developers all around the world," Panic co-founder Cabel Sasser said.

One thing you shouldn't expect from the showcase is any Playdate news. On a positive note, Panic will show off some of the games featured in the showcase at both Gamescom and PAX West.