Peloton expands its gamified exercise experience to treadmills

Lanebreak Tread is similar to pre-existing cycling games.


Peloton is continuing to gamify its hardware lineup with the launch of Lanebreak Tread, a software experience for its beleaguered line of treadmills. The software suite looks similar to pre-existing racing experiences for the company’s exercise bike line, and Lanebreak for Peloton cycles is a well-regarded bit of gamification, so the bona-fides are solid.

Lanebreak Tread is getting a global launch, with availability for all Peloton Tread members. Peloton says the gameplay involves users matching and sustaining a pre-set inclines and speeds to rack up high scores. Animations help the users along and the whole thing is set to a “beat pumping soundtrack.”

The software makes full use of the Tread hardware, as it automatically adjusts the speed and incline to match what is happening in the game. There’s a new mechanic specifically for interval workouts, updated visuals for runners, new avatars and an array of pace-based difficulty options.

Levels vary according to the chosen playlist and workout type, with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert. Each game level lasts anywhere from five to 30 minutes, to suit workouts of varying lengths. You also have plenty of music genres to choose from here, including pop, electronic, hip hop, rock, metal, country and, well, just about everything else. There’s no classical music though, as running to Bach would feel weird. Peloton’s new Lanebreak Tread software releases today for the entire line of branded treadmills.