Photoshop can now use generative AI to expand images

Text prompts for AI are also available in over 100 languages.


Generative AI in Photoshop is now useful for more than filling in gaps. Adobe has updated the Photoshop beta with a Generative Expand feature that grows an image using AI-made content. Drag the crop tool beyond the original picture size and you can add material with or without a text prompt. This can help when an image is simply too small, of course, but Adobe also believes it can help when you want to change aspect ratios, fix a cut-off subject or otherwise touch up artwork.

At the same time, generative AI text prompts in the beta now work in over 100 languages. You won't have to use a very common language like English to produce content.

Generative Expand and the wider text prompt support should be available once you've updated the Photoshop beta app. Adobe is teasing more generative AI features arriving this fall, so you'll have more creative tools before long.

As with Generative Fill, Expand is meant primarily for creators who are more interested in artistic expression than accuracy. The catch, of course, is that you can also distort or exaggerate images. You can create a dramatic panorama of a pristine beach when the reality is far uglier, for instance. While manipulating images in editors like Photoshop is nothing new, the AI makes it easier to spread misinformation or otherwise mislead viewers.