Retro online gaming service Piepacker adds five Atari classics to catalog

‘Pong’ and ‘Missile Command’ headline the list.


Piepacker has added five Atari titles to its catalog of retro games. Starting this week, you can play the PlayStation versions of Pong, Asteroid, Breakout, Centipede and Missile Command online with your friends. As with every other game available through the platform’s catalog, all you need to play is Chrome. You can use any controller you have available to you. A keyboard works too. If you decide to play with your friends, there’s built-in video chat with support for augmented reality masks. You can also chat over text, if anyone is camera shy.

Every game you see on Piepacker is fully licensed. Its library currently includes more than 60 titles. There aren’t too many familiar names, but you’ll still find gems like Windjammers and Earthworm Jim. One thing to note is the platform is still in open beta, so expect some amount of jank.