The glass back is peeling off some Pixel 4 XL phones

Google has yet to say it's a recurring problem.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

The Pixel 4 still has some technical issues several months into its lifespan. Android Police has found that Pixel 4 XL users on Google’s forums and Reddit are complaining about their phones’ glass backs peeling off. This appears to stem from the battery swelling —not an unheard of issue, but rarely with this kind of frequency. There are also claims this might be inherent to the design.

One Reddit user claiming to manage a uBreakiFix store said the Pixel 4 XL had a widely known problem with faulty connectors that lead to battery swelling. Staff are are supposedly told to avoid acknowledging it as a known issue despite relatively common incidents. In a statement Engadget received, uBreakiFix said: “We defer to manufacturers regarding alleged device issues, and we have no known technical service bulletins regarding battery swelling issues in the Pixel 4 series. Customers who experience any non-user induced issues with their Pixel device can get it repaired under warranty at their nearest uBreakiFix.”

We’ve asked Google for comment. However, it doesn’t appear to be treating the peeling backs as a recurring problem. Another Reddit user reported having to negotiate with Google to get their phone fixed under warranty.

It’s not certain how widespread the problem is, but the timing is less than ideal. Google appears close to releasing its budget Pixel 4a phone, and claims of poor build quality (even if for a different model) might hurt the 4a’s chances.

Update, 7/20/20 1:00PM ET: This story has been updated with a statement from uBreakiFix.