Custom PS5 covers are already a thing

PlateStation's $40 covers come in silver, red, black, blue or camo.


Like the proverbial Model T, the PlayStation 5 will launch in any color you like, as long as it’s white. If that doesn’t match your decor or taste, a company called PlateStation has unveiled a series of third-party colored plates to make your console look a little different.

You can tint your PS5 in chromatic silver, cherry red, black, blue or jungle camo. To install them, you presumably pop off the PS5’s existing white plates, as shown in this PS5 teardown video — much as you’d do to upgrade storage — and pop on the replacement plates. Note that the product is not associated in any way with the Sony or PlayStation brands.

These appear to be some of the first of what will no doubt be many customization options for the PS5. That’s especially likely given the general criticism and memes of its large and asymmetrical design and the fact that many folks would prefer a color other than white. You can see all of PlateStation’s covers here — they’re now up for pre-order at $40 with a 10-day return policy.