Playdate's first store update adds four games and a calculator

The crankable handheld can now crunch numbers.

Nicole Lee/Engadget

The Playdate's Catalog games store has received its first update since its launch last month, and it's a small but eclectic five-title mix that even includes a productivity app. The official headliner, Core Fault, is a survival game that has you piloting a mining droid as it collects resources and dodges unhappy aliens. However, the real star might be Crankulator. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like — it's a calculator that uses the handheld's crank to enter values. It can even use a synthetic voice to relay calculations like a modern-day Speak & Math.

Other additions include the physics-driven flight game Gravity Express, the mahjong adaptation Sparrow Solitaire and the spooky puzzle solver Life's Too Short. The prices range from just $1 for Life's Too Short through to $10 for Gravity Express and Sparrow Solitaire. As with the initial game batch, these are effectively impulse buys.

The Catalog selection is still tiny at 21 titles. For comparison, the first "season" included with the Playdate provides 24 games. However, this first expansion might give an idea of what to expect — namely, a modest but steady stream of quirky experiences built around the console's black-and-white display and unusual controls. They likely won't replace epics like the latest Legend of Zelda game, but they're not meant that way. These are quick fixes you can play while you're waiting for the bus or taking a work break.