PlayStation 5 accessories include a camera and '3D' headphones

You'll also get a remote and charging station.

PlayStation 5 consoles and accessories (Sony)

Sony’s PlayStation 5 won’t launch by its lonesome — there will also be a host of official (not to mention matching) accessories to go with it. To start, you can expect an HD Camera that, like its PS4 predecessor, will include dual cameras (1080p). It’s pitched as a way to show your face while you livestream games, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s used for VR and similar motion-based activities.

You can also expect a Pulse 3D wireless headset that delivers 3D audio and noise-cancelling microphones. A Media Remote is on tap for those who’ll treat their PS5 more like a media hub, and a DualSense Charging Station can top up two controllers without having to plug in a cable.

As with the PS5 itself, Sony is being shy with pricing and availability. We wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of these are ready on launch this holiday, however, and first-party accessories seldom come cheap.