Engadget Podcast: Diving into the Android 11 beta with Florence Ion

What did we learn from the preview software?


It’s all about Android this week as we dive deep into Google’s just-released beta for the upcoming version of its mobile OS. Devindra and Cherlynn are joined by seasoned Android and smart home reporter Florence Ion to discuss their feelings about the preview. What are Bubbles? Is getting more controls and drawers better for organization or is it more clutter? Then, our hosts go over what they’ve been working on, explaining why they are excited for developments in the processor world. As usual, we’ve also got quite a few entertainment recommendations to share.

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Engadget · Diving into the Android 11 Beta with Florence Ion



  • What’s new with the Android 11 beta? – 1:59

  • What's iOS doing this year? – 28:52

  • What we’re working on – 33:08

  • Pop culture picks – 43:48


Hosts: Devindra Hardawar and Cherlynn Low

Guest: Florence Ion

Producer: Ben Ellman

Music: Dale North and Terrence O'Brien