Podcast: Surface Duo review, Xbox Series S and Apple's upcoming event

The waves of big news keep coming.


The Surface Duo reviews are in and the verdict is a resounding meh. Devindra and Cherlynn talk about what excited them about Microsoft’s dual-screen debut, and explain why using it in the real world was frustrating. Then, UK bureau chief Mat Smith joins our hosts to discuss the Xbox Series S and X versus Sony’s Playstation options, as well as what Apple might have in store for the September 15th event it announced this week.

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Engadget · Surface Duo review, Xbox Series S and Apple's upcoming event



  • Finally, we can talk about what the Microsoft Duo is actually like – 1:38

  • Xbox Series S, what a surprise – 24:09

  • A timely Apple announcement – 40:30

  • Working On – 50:44

  • Picks – 54:01


Hosts: Devindra Hardawar and Cherlynn Low
Producer: Ben Ellman
Music: Dale North and Terrence O'Brien

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