Porsche Taycans will charge faster and go farther with latest update

It also includes infotainment updates and every Taycan manufactured is eligible.


Porsche is releasing a comprehensive dealer-installed update to its sporty Taycan EV that provides a substantial range boost, faster charging, updated infotainment features and more, The Drive reported. The changes are available for free to all Taycans ever manufactured (2020-2022 models), as Porsche again shows the benefits of the software upgrade path paved by Tesla.

The biggest change is improved efficiency that adds up to 31 miles of range (50 km) on the WLTP cycle (somewhat less in EPA rating terms), giving a considerable boost to the Taycan's 200 mile EPA rating (on the base 71.0-kWh model). Porsche achieved that feat by de-energizing the front motor in Normal and Eco mode operation, while retaining the driver's regenerative braking settings when drive modes are switched. With the update, the first 2020 year models will run as efficiently as the latest 2022 versions.

Porsche also optimized thermal management to allow the battery to charge longer at its maximum 270-kilowatt rate. That will be especially helpful if you come in with a higher charge level, as the system would previously throttle down the speeds.

The other main change is to the Taycan's display-laden infotainment system. We enjoyed it in our road test and found it easy to use, but others noticed latency in some operations. Porsche has now updated that to improve startup and response times, while making everything more robust. It also revised the heads-up display and added new integrations for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing both to work wirelessly. Drivers can also search the navigation system online for points of interest and filter out stations without fast chargers.

Porsche also announced several extra hardware options for 2023 Taycans, including a panoramic roof and hard-wiring for the company's optional Dashcam system. The one drawback to the update is that it'll basically take a day and that you have to bring the EV to a dealership. However, Porsche said that the update optimizes the Taycan's control units, allow the EVs to accept more over-the-air (OTA) updates in the future. Owners will be contacted when it's available.