Postmates makes curbside pickup easier for stores

You won't need to enter the store or use a special app.

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Postmates curbside pickup

Some stores are offering curbside pickup during the COVID-19 pandemic, but not all of them — and that’s a problem if you need something now from a store that can’t let you inside. Postmates wants to fill that gap. It’s rolling out a feature that lets restaurants and other shops offer curbside pickup using the Postmates app as the conduit instead of building something themselves. You just have to check in through the app when you’ve arrived to grab your goods.

Retailers don’t need to do much more than enable the pickup option from the Postmates dashboard. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll see many stores use this, but it could still play an important role as cities gradually reopen — even if your local store is fully open, this could help you avoid the anxiety of venturing indoors.

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