Apple LED Cinema Display 24-inch

A good product that falls short of greatness.

A good product that falls short of greatness.

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Apple's 24-inch LED Cinema Display review

digg_url = ''; Prior to October 14th of this year, Apple hadn't updated its Cinema Display line in years. Literally. There's no doubt that this refresh is entirely overdue, and we still hold that Apple should've taken the opportunity to refresh its now-archaic 20 and 30-inch counterparts. All that aside, this writeup is about the new 24-incher, a LED-backlit beauty that doesn't mind being called glossy and is clearly partial to notebooks. The screen packs the same 1,920 x 1,200 resolution that was on the 23-incher it replaced, but ditches that DVI connector in favor of the newer, less widely adopted DisplayPort. So, is the newfangled screen worth $899? Read on to find out.

  • Drop-dead gorgeous designIPS panel is stunningNo power brick required with unibody MBP
  • It's Mini-DisplayPort or bustAwkward standDid we mention no DVI or HDMI?
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