'Project CARS GO' finally comes out on March 23rd for Android and iOS

The game was first announced back in 2018.

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Project CARS GO
Slightly Mad Studios

Nearly three years after it was first announced, Project CARS GO has a release date. Slightly Mad Studios’ motorsport series heads to Android and iOS devices on March 23rd, with the game available to preload today. If you end up downloading Project CARS GO early, you’ll get 100 units of its in-game currency for free.

Project CARS GO was first announced in 2018. After all that time, it’s hard to say whether fans of the series will be enthusiastic to play the title. On PC and consoles, Project CARS is a series that is dedicated to realism. With Project CARS GO, by contrast, co-developers Slightly Mad Studios and Gamevil are promising a more casual experience where you’ll be able to use the game’s “One Touch” controls to win races. You can still expect realistic graphics, real-world race tracks and customization options, but if what you enjoy about the series is its simulation aspect, Project CARS GO may leave you wanting more.  

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'Project CARS GO' finally comes out on March 23rd for Android and iOS