You can now store PS5 games on a USB drive

The PS5's largest system update yet is nearly here.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Sony is about to deliver the PlayStation 5's first major system update since launch, and it's good news if you're running out of space on that built-in SSD. An upgrade rolling out on April 14th adds a few welcome features, most notably the ability to store PS5 games on USB drives. You can't play them from those drives like you can PS4 titles, alas (Sony says USB drives just aren't fast enough), but it should be faster to reinstall those games than it would be to download them or find your game disc.

There's still no word on when the PS5's promised M.2 SSD storage expansion will be available.

The update also makes it easier to play with your PS4-owning friends by enabling cross-generation Share Play. A PS4 player can watch your PS5 screen or even try a title, for example. On top of this, some joinable game sessions will appear on both PS4 and PS5.

Other upgrades? Game Base now offers a quick way to switch between Friends and Parties, and you can turn notifications off for each party you're in. You can quickly disable game chat or lower the volume for individual players. Game updates can pre-download to save you from a wait when they're available. You can hide games in your library and search for specific titles. You can adjust the screen zoom, and trophy updates give you both a better view of your stats as well as the option of limiting your automatic trophy captures to harder-to-earn awards.

The PlayStation App, meanwhile, is within weeks of receiving an update that lets you join multiplayer PS5 sessions, compare trophies and filter PlayStation Store titles.

This update isn't going to address the complaints of every user, particularly those who already find themselves deleting games from the SSD. You'll still have to do that for a while yet. Sony is still tackling some pain points, though, and the USB drive option at least gives you a way to archive games once you're finished with them.