The latest 'Rainbow Six: Siege' character is the hero of 'Splinter Cell'

Sam Fisher will bring his high-tech raid equipment to battle.

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Sam Fisher of 'Splinter Cell' in 'Rainbow Six: Siege'

Ubisoft’s ongoing Splinter Cell revival is gathering momentum. After some teasing, the developer has confirmed that series hero Sam Fisher will be a playable character in the third season of Rainbow Six: Siege, Operation Shadow Legacy. True to his clandestine roots, he’ll pack a suppressed pistol and a “two-way drill camera” that will let you see both sides of a wall and even destroy gadgets. You’ll also have Fisher’s signature SC-3000K assault rifle or an MP7 to fight back when things get rough.

Shadow Legacy will also bring some improvements to the game itself, including a new contextual ping system, reworked EMP grenades, match replays and web-based stat tracking. You can also expect a refreshed Chalet map with new paths.

The gameplay tweaks and updated map will be free for all players when Shadow Legacy goes live. A test server will be ready on August 17th. Only Year 5 Pass holders will have Fisher at launch, though — you’ll have to wait a week later to buy access with either Renown or R6 credits. Still, this might be heartening if you’ve missed Splinter Cell and want more to tide you over than a Ghost Recon mission.

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The latest 'Rainbow Six: Siege' character is the hero of 'Splinter Cell'