Razer's Blade 15 will be the first laptop with a 240Hz OLED screen

High contrast and speedy refresh rates are no longer mutually exclusive.


You normally have to choose between fast refresh rates or OLED's vivid imagery when buying a laptop, but Razer claims it can offer both at once. The company plans to update the Blade 15 with an option for what it says is the first 240Hz OLED laptop display. You'll get the high responsiveness that can provide an edge in multiplayer games, but you'll still have a color-accurate 1440p panel (100 percent of the DCI-P3 space) with deep contrast. If the machine lives up to its billing, you could dominate the latest online shooter in one breath and edit video the next.

There will be a few compromises. The 240Hz panel isn't particularly bright at 400 nits. You won't want to work in bright sunlight, then. And while the risk of burn-in that comes with OLED isn't as high as it used to be, this might not be your best choice if you regularly work with static content like photos.

And if you thought a 240Hz OLED had to be expensive... you guessed correctly. The Blade 15 with this panel will arrive in the fourth quarter of the year at $3,500. You'll get 32GB of RAM, a 12th-gen Core i9-12900H processor, GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics and a 1TB SSD as part of the package, but it's clear Razer is aiming this spec at well-heeled gamers who want a do-it-all screen.

Update 5/3/22 11:32PM ET: The processor model was previously listed as i9-12800H. This has since been corrected.