Razer is bringing the world's first HD haptics gaming chair cushion to CES 2024

It has 16 haptic actuators and is compatible with most gaming chairs.


CES 2024 is here, and we're seeing all manner of new gaming gear and accessories. One notable mention is Razer's Project Esther, the world's first HD haptics gaming chair cushion. Yes, that's right, you can get one step closer to feeling like you're in the game — especially if you combine it with a VR headset.

The Project Esther concept includes 16 haptic actuators and has ultra-low latency. You can control the haptics' directionality, multiple-device integration and multi-actuator experiences. It also had automatic audio-to-HD haptics conversion, allowing for a plug-and-play solution. Razer claims the cushion is compatible with most gaming and office chairs, so you won't have to get a whole new setup to use it.

Razer's Project Esther gaming chair cushion is the result of years of haptics development. In 2018, the company unveiled Razer HyperSense haptics in its new Nari Ultimate headphones. They used advanced digital signal processing and wideband voice-coil actuators to produce the haptics for PC gaming — expanding it into Xbox headphones the following year.

CES 2019 brought Razer's Hypersense high-resolution vibration system, which it programmed into keyboard rests, mice, and a chair. In 2022, Razer took another big step, buying Interhaptics, a company specializing in, as the name suggests, haptics. Project Esther functions using Interhaptics technology.

We're reporting live from CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 6-12. Keep up with all the latest news from the show here.

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