Razer unveils the sequel to its ultra-light Viper gaming mouse

The Viper V2 Pro is even lighter and packs upgraded switches.


Razer's original Viper was one of the better-known ultra-light gaming mice when it arrived in 2019, and now it's finally getting a sequel to keep up with rivals. The brand has introduced a Viper V2 Pro wireless mouse that trims the weight even further, from 69g to 58g, while improving the fundamentals — this is meant for esports players and enthusiasts who need precise, flick-friendly input to thrive.

The design revolves around an equally new Focus Pro 30K optical sensor that, as the name implies, promises 30,000 dots per inch resolution. It's reportedly 99.8 percent accurate, and uses AI to guide tracking. You even have 26 levels of customization for height (to determine when tracking starts or stops) versus 'just' three for the first Viper.

The Viper V2 Pro also introduces third-generation optical mouse switches that supposedly end accidental double-clicks and debounce delay (the wait to filter out unintended input signals). Their lifecycle is about 25 percent longer, too, so you might not chew through mice quite so quickly if you're a pro gamer. You can recharge through USB-C, and a dedicated DPI button lets you tweak sensitivity without using software.

Razer is now selling black and white versions of the Viper V2 Pro for $150 with grip tape, a charging cable and a USB dongle extender in the box. That puts its price in line with competing ultra-lightweight mice from the likes of Logitech and SteelSeries, and could make it a viable option whether or not you're loyal to the Razer brand.