Razer's $150 Zephyr Pro smart mask adds voice amplification

Bane, is that you?


Almost exactly one year ago, Razer announced Project Hazel. The smart face mask, which later became Zephyr, went on sale in October for $100 and promptly sold out. No doubt sensing an opportunity, the company now plans to release a Pro version of the mask in 2022. It will have all the features of the standard model, including the RGB lighting and a "dual-fan active filtration system" that Razer claims filters 99 percent of bacteria and 95 percent of particulates over 0.3μm, and add voice amplification.

That’s a feature Project Hazel included but that Razer was forced to cut as it worked to bring the prototype to market. It will amplify your voice by 60 decibels up to one meter away. A button on the side will allow you to toggle the feature on and off. Beyond 2022, Razer hasn’t said when it will release the Zephyr Pro, but what we do know is the mask will cost $150. The company will also offer a starter pack with 100 days of filters for $200.

Update 01/10/22 1:41PM ET: Razer has removed the claim that its air filters are "N95-grade" from its website. The company lists the Zephyr and Zephyr Pro as "wearables" rather than "masks," and notes in the small print that neither is a medical device or PPE. However, the term N95 refers to a mask in its entirety, which critics have said makes the "N95 grade" claim misleading, as neither the Zephyr nor Zephyr Pro have been certified as N95. Razer told Engadget it removed the terminology "to avoid any confusion" adding that it will "directly reach out shortly to existing customers to clarify." This article was updated after publishing to reflect that change.

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