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Razer's new gaming earbuds include a low-latency dongle

The Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed lets you skip Bluetooth.


Wireless earbuds aren't usually your best choice for PC gaming audio between the lag and the lack of Bluetooth on some desktops. Razer thinks it has a simple solution, though: throw in a dongle. The company has introduced Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed buds that include a 2.4GHz RF adapter to plug into the USB-C port (there's an included USB-A adapter) on your computer or console. This expands support to more devices, of course, but it also drops latency to 40ms versus 60ms for the Bluetooth-based Gaming Mode. And yes, you can still connect to your phone over Bluetooth if you need to take a call.

These are otherwise similar to the plain Hammerhead Pro earbuds you saw before. They still offer THX-certified sound with customizable active noise cancellation (ANC) levels. This being Razer, there's Chroma RGB lighting to flaunt your choice of personal audio. How long they last on battery depends on how you're connected and what you're using. You can manage up to 6.5 hours of listening on Bluetooth with ANC and lighting disabled, with 24 hours of extra power from a wireless charging-capable case. That drops to 3.5 hours with ANC and lighting enabled, and using the dongle shrinks that runtime to between three and four hours (plus 11 to 14.5 hours from the case).

The Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed earbuds are available now for $200. That's a solid price if you're looking for do-it-all earbuds that can work with both your phone and your home gaming PC. With that said, there are options that can sound better or last longer if you're happy to stick to Bluetooth. Razer's latest option is more for those who'd rather not buy a separate gaming headset.