Razer reveals Hammerhead Pro earbuds with ANC and THX audio

All for $200.


As part of its ongoing onslaught on gaming accessories, Razer has built a number of headsets, headphones and even earbuds. Following up on its stellar Opus over-hear headphones that debuted this spring, the company is expanding its earbuds lineup with the noise-cancelling Hammerhead True Wireless Pro ($200). An upgraded successor to the AirPod-like Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds that arrived last fall, this Pro model packs in active noise cancellation (ANC), THX audio, a comprehensive selection of ear tips and, of course, a low-latency mode for gaming.

The main attraction here is the THX-certified sound. Like the Opus, the Hammerhead Pro offers “high-fidelity” audio with specific attention to frequency range and response, in addition to vocal detail and deep bass that doesn’t distort — even at higher volume levels. The badge requires strict noise isolation as well, which Razer achieves through both an in-ear design and a wide variety of ear tips to fit more unique ear shapes. What’s more, the company includes a set of Comply foam tips for a more cushioned fit that expands once you have the earbuds in place.

Since Razer is a gaming company first and foremost, it brought back its low-latency audio mode that’s a trademark feature of the original Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds. With the press of a button, you can activate the tool, which reduces latency to 60ms while gaming. Razer says that with the feature enabled, you can expect up to 50 quicker reaction times simply because the sound and video is better in sync.

Razer's latest true wireless earbuds offer active noise cancellation and THX-certified audio for $200.

Of course, the Hammerhead Pro is a set of true wireless earbuds, so they accommodate “normal” use: music and video. To help keep you locked in, this model offers “advanced” hybrid ANC. The Pro earbuds have microphones inside and out to detect unwanted noise before “generating inverse sound waves.” The Hammerhead Pro also offers touch controls for activating a Quick Attention Mode, playing music, taking calls and summoning a virtual assistant. These gestures can be reconfigured in Razer’s companion app, where you can also adjust the EQ and take a fit test to ensure you’ve selected the correct ear tips. The earbuds are IPX4 rated too, so they should withstand sweat and splashes just fine.

Like the pervious Hammerhead model, this Pro version is lacking when it comes to battery life. Razer promises just four hours on the earbuds themselves with four additional charges in the case. The company is also selling a TPU case for the case, complete with carabiner for clipping onto a bag or other item.

The Hammerhead True Wireless Pro is available today from for $200 (€210). The optional extra case is $30 (€35). Both will go on sale at additional retailers later this month.

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