Razer's first true wireless earbuds include a low-lag gaming mode

The Hammerhead True Wireless should stay in sync with games and movies.

Razer couldn't resist hopping on the true wireless earbud bandwagon, and it's unsurprisingly putting a gaming spin on its offering. The company's newly unveiled Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds will look very familiar between the stem-equipped buds and battery charging case, but they promise to kill much of the lag you sometimes see with Bluetooth audio -- important when you're playing games or watching videos. The Hammerhead uses a "customized" Bluetooth 5.0 link that even includes a gaming mode with latency as low as 60ms. That's not "lag-free," as Razer claimed, but it shouldn't be jarring.

The firm is promising a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response through the 13mm drivers, and they should be convenient between auto pairing, sweat resistance and support for voice assistants. Battery life, however, isn't stellar. The buds themselves last for three hours on a charge (AirPods last five), while the charging case provides no more than 15 hours of listening time. You won't be wearing these during a long-haul flight.

The price is right, at least. The Hammerhead True Wireless is available now for $100, or well under the cost of AirPods, the Galaxy Buds and other big-name competitors. That might make them a good fit if you just want wire-free audio for short spurts, such as gym workouts or Call of Duty: Mobile sessions.