RED's 6K Komodo camera costs $6K

It's also sold in bundles with accessories.


Indie filmmakers and everybody else who wants a relatively inexpensive cinema camera can now purchase RED’s new model called Komodo 6K. True to its name, the model can capture 6K at 40 fps, 6K Wide Shot at 50 fps and 4K at 60 fps — plus, it’s the brand’s first camera with phase-detect autofocus. In a video the company released when it announced the model back in April, it showed how users can use the camera’s color display to touch focus between different subjects. The feature lagged a bit back then, but the company admitted that it was still working to make the new AF technology “perfect.”

Komodo measures 4 inches on all sides and weighs only 2.1 pounds. It records footage in RED’s new RAW settings, is compatible with CFAST 2.0 media, has built-in wireless capabilities and can be controlled using the new RED Control app, which is already out for iOS and will be coming out soon for Android. Unlike RED’s other cameras, this model comes with the components, including a display and microphones, filmmakers need to shoot. That said, RED has bundles people can buy if they need accessories to go with the camera itself.

The Komodo 6K is now available for $5,995 from the company’s website and RED dealers like B&H Photo. It comes with the Komodo 6K camera brain, a 45W AC power adapter, an RF to EF mechanical lens adapter and a mini world travel adaptor kit. A $7,200 Starter Pack comes with all those, plus a Wing Grip, an RF to EF adapter with ND filter, CFAST 2.0 media, a media reader and a PTap-to-power cable and timecode cable. There’s also an $8,200 Production Pack that comes with additional production-level accessories, including an Expander Module and Outrigger Handle.

Before RED made the Komodo available for purchase, it had a few creatives and celebrities test it out. Among them were Michael Bay, Steven Soderbergh and Jason Momoa, who used Komodo to shoot footage of bikers on Harleys navigating treacherous snow and ice conditions. Those who want to see what Komodo can do can watch Momoa’s video and other videos shot with the camera below:

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