‘Red Dead Online’ is so broken it’s hilarious

Though you might not feel that way if you’ve invested time and money into the game.

Rockstar Games

A recent Red Dead Online update has introduced some bizarre glitches: players not being able fire their guns, horses that run in place, missing characters and objects, a mysterious bald man and more. Fans are sharing their baffling gameplay experiences on Twitter, and Rockstar Games says it’s working on fixes.

The glitches first appeared shortly after Rockstar Games released a “massive” update and introduced a naturalist role. As Polygon notes, the update was supposed to include bug fixes, but it seems to have done more harm than good. The issues are so strange and vast that they’re kind of hilarious -- though players who spent money on this game may feel differently.

In some cases, no animals or other humans appear, making the game a ghost town. In other cases, only a bald man appears.

At times players and horses can only run in place, or they end up trapped in saloons.

Other times, objects appear and disappear out of the blue.

Rockstar Games says the hiccups are the result of an update released yesterday and that it’s working on fixes.

Update 8/11/2020 1:00PM ET: Rockstar Games released a tweet and statement acknowledging the gameplay glitches. The company says it is working on fixes and will provide more info later.