The next 'Reigns' game is an Apple Arcade exclusive

Tinder meets intergalactic rock.


You’ll be glad to hear that there’s another Reigns game on the way — but you’ll need an Apple device to play it. Devolver and Nerial have revealed Reigns: Beyond, a new take on the Tinder-style game formula that’s headed exclusively to Apple Arcade for iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV. You lead an “intergalactic indie rockband” as it plays gigs across planets, using swipes on cards to keep your crew on track and your ship in one piece.

You’ll have over 1,400 decision cards to keep things fresh, and Nerial is promising wild experiences that include dogfighting tax collectors and chats with eccentric characters like Lord Shark.

Reigns: Beyond is only listed as “coming soon.” The Apple Arcade requirement won’t be thrilling if you prefer other platforms, although it is in keeping with Apple’s emphasis on indie game darlings. Look at it this way, though — if you do buy Apple hardware, the free Arcade trial will give you an opportunity to play without paying for a subscription.