Revel plans to build a network of EV fast-charging stations in NYC

It says the first site will be North America's largest universal fast charging station.


Electric scooter company Revel is moving into EV charging. It's building its first universal fast charging site in Bedford–Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, which it claims will be the largest such hub in North America with 30 chargers. The station will be open around the clock and the chargers are compatible with all electric vehicle models.

The hub will open in the spring at a former Pfizer building and it will initially have 10 chargers. Rather than making its own chargers, Revel is using Tritium’s RTM75 system, which can deliver output of up to 920V and 180A DC via CCS connections and up to 500V and 125A through CHAdeMO. Revel says the chargers can provide EVs with up to 100 miles' worth of juice in 20 minutes.

It’s unclear whether Revel's claim about the site becoming the largest universal fast charging station on the continent holds up. Some Tesla Supercharger locations have more chargers (though, of course, they’re not universal ones) while one site in Pasadena, California has 20 universal fast chargers and 24 Superchargers.

Revel plans to build more fast charging hubs across New York City. It's not always possible for people to have a charger at home, so it’s important to have stations like these, particularly in densely populated cities, in the effort to boost the adoption of EVs.