Ring finally debuts its in-car security camera

Car Cam was originally announced at the end of 2020.


Back in 2020, Ring announced a security camera for your car that connects to the company’s wider home security ecosystem. Now, slightly after its planned 2021 release date, Ring is opening pre-orders for Car Cam, the newest member of its security family. The unit is pretty small, but projects up and away on a cantilever arm mounted to your dashboard to give it the necessary height.

There are two cameras, one to keep an eye on the interior, the other facing out the front window to capture any insurance-worthy incidents. Should the system’s sensors be startled, it’ll trigger a recording, and alert you via the Ring app to show you what’s going on. Like pretty much every other Ring device, there’s a microphone and speaker, allowing you to watch (and communicate) with any unwanted visitors lurking in your vehicle.

In addition, Car Cam will automatically begin recording if you say “Alexa, record,” and has been designed to capture footage from traffic stops. (Which, when you think about it, speaks volumes about how little even a company with very close ties to law enforcement thinks about the integrity of what goes on at traffic stops.) The hardware is powered from the car’s battery, connected via the OBD-II port, and will use WiFi to communicate unless you opt for LTE by paying for a Ring Protect Go subscription.

Ring has added that, like its other products, you’ll have the option to activate end-to-end encryption, and won’t activate a recording unless triggered. It added that a privacy shutter will enable you to block the internal camera and microphone when closed. It’ll be available to pre-order from today, with shipping expected to begin in February, but there’s a hefty incentive to get your cash on the barrelhead now and not wait for the retail launch. Car Cam will retail for $250, but early pre-order customers can get theirs for $200 —while the Protect Go subscription will set you back $60 a year, or $6 a month.

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